Participant registration

To participate at the Jeep tour Mariovo 2012 you must first fill the “Application form” and within to sign the participant statement.

Download: Application form and Statement for Jeep Tour Mariovo 2012

The filled in application form and signed statement together with the receipt for the paid participation, should be given to the contact person (They can be sent by email also, but must be given in hard copy at the beginning of the tour):
Contact: Mitko Krstevski
Skype: mitkocebren



The application forms are accepted until 10 July 2012 or until the quota for participants is filled in.
The participation fee is 7 euro per participant (team member) and it includes:

  • T-shirt with the logo of the Jeep Tour
  • Key-ring with the logo of the Jeep Tour
  • 14 July (Breakfast, Lunch + Mariovo buffet )
  • 15 July (breakfast)
  • Rich entertainment program