Regulations for Jeep Tour Mariovo 2012

Download: Regulations for Jeep Tour Mariovo 2012

1. General rules
1.1. Organization
Jeep Tour Mariovo is tourist drive with terrain vehicles (4×4), overcoming obstacles in bad road terrain in the Mariovo region. It is organized by the association Jeep Tour Mariovo.
The Third Jeep Tour Mariovo will be held on July 14 – 15, 2012, with total length of the track is 161 km. The start of the tour is on 14 July, 6 AM  in front of the Sport Hall in Bitola.
Further detail, updated information about the Jeep Tour and more info on the Mariovo region you can find on our website:
The organizer keeps the right for changes in the Tour program and Tour track in case something unpredictable happens, but also is obligated to inform all the participants.

1.2. Participants
On the Third Jeep Tour Mariovo 2012 can participate any interested individual who owns terrain (4×4) vehicle suitable for mountain off-road.  
Each vehicle (team) must have minimum two members and maximum according to the registration document of the vehicle. The driver and one of the co-drivers must own valid driving license.
Before start of the tour, the team must have the registration form signed and each team member must pay the participation fee.

1.3. Participation fee
Participation fee (7 euro per team member) is payed according to the organizer instructions on the predetermined account, and the receipt for payment is shown to the organizer before the start of the tour.

2. Requirements for participation
Every vehicle participating in the Jeep tour must have valid registration document. Besides the driver and the co-driver each vehicle must have maximum number of team members, according to the registration document. The use of agricultural equipment (tractors, tractor tires, chain saws …) is strictly forbidden.
At the start of the tour, each vehicle must have start number, placed on a visible spot.

2.1.  ESSENTIAL equipment for participation:
-first aid
– tow-rope
– fire extinguisher
– tent for sleeping

2.2. Recommended equipment:
 -communication tool (radio station, cell phone …)
-protection gloves
-drinking water
-basic vehicle tools
-rubber boots
– pulling cord
–  wood protection belt

3. General rules during the tour
3.1. Participant safety
During the tour the driver and the co-driver must have their safety belts on. Drinking alcohol during driving is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. The participants of the tour must obey the organizer team instructions during the tour.

3.2. Protection of the natural environment
It is strictly forbidden throwing away garbage on the road or any other unmarked place. All teams must have in mind the propriety lands in cases they don’t drive on the marked road. In cases of any legal dispute with the owners, they are fully responsible for their actions.  

3.3. State rules
Taken that the Jeep tour is passes trough inhabited places, all participants must have in mind the traffic regulations.

3.4. Sport conduct
Each team that due to certain reasons can’t keep up with the rest of the vehicles, it is obligated to pass the vehicles behind. It is recommended other teams to help the team in trouble, within their possibilities.
In cases where someone is injured, all participants are obligated to help that team and to notify the organizer.  

4. Driving
4.1. Driving rules
All vehicles will receive numbers before the start of the tour and are obligated to stay in order during the tour.   

4.2. Goal of the tour
The goal of this tour is familiarization with the tourist potentials of the Mariovo region, cultural heritage monuments, cooperation with other auto-moto clubs and development of the alternative sports and tourism.

4.4. History
For first time the Jeep Tour Mariovo is held on 19 – 20 June 2010. The positive experience of all participants on this tour, was a motive plus for transforming this tour to an annual event, with intention of constant increase in the number participants.


Jeep Tour Mariovo 2012
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