In this scientific study we have tried to describe the traditional games of children in Mariovo in the past. At the same time we point out the games in our vicinity.

We studied the games because they are part of the life of children. In this study are included different kinds of games played not only in Mariovo but in other social media too. So, we explained the structural term and none structural term regarding the material and steps in the games.

Starting from the mentioned terms we explained the development of the game step by step according the age from eleven i.e. 12 and the phases of growing of children and tried to make clear the theories of the games which deal with the natura of the game and its neccessity.

At the end we have described the specific childrens’s games of Mariovo played in this region in the past. We have also written the role of a game as educative means, that reflects on children and youth not only in Mariovo but everywhere at all.



Slojan Gjurovski

Stojan Darkovski

Risto Sukarovski